About Ley Ventures

At Ley Ventures, we seek to capitalize on the SPAC powered paradigm shift that is usurping the traditional IPO market. The SPAC as an investment vehicle offers huge advantages over the traditional IPO in terms of speed, price certainty, and cost savings. Agile investors are already utilizing these advantages to massive and exponential effect: $1.8 billion raised in 2014, $13.6 billion raised in 2019, and over $59 billion has already raised by SPACs in 2020.

Within this blossoming landscape, McKinsey notes that operator led SPACs have outperformed their market sector (by about 10%) and greatly outperformed non-operator led SPACs (by about 40%). Our team at Ley Ventures is comprised of operators with decades of combined experience in growing and scaling companies in the technology, media, and telecom (TMT) sector.

Acquisition Criteria

Ley Ventures seeks to acquire market leading companies in the TMT sector capable of sustaining their success for all stakeholders: management, employees, shareholders, customers, and advisors for generations to come.

Key criteria in evaluating acquisitions include:

Proven Management Team

  • Experienced operators with longterm success who desire a continued equity stake in the company

Predictable Cash Flow

  • Predictable and growing EBITDA

Growth Opportunity

  • Participation in large, stable, and growing markets
  • Opportunity to increase market share via organic growth, marketing, and acquisitions

Market Leadership

  • Dominant market position with sustainable competitive edge
  • Protected niche
  • Sizeable barriers-to-entry