About Ley Ventures

At Ley Ventures, we seek to acquire platform companies in the TMT sector and add value to them via add-on acquisitions, improving operational efficiencies, and sharing expertise. Our primary targets are organizations where the majority of new sales are gained by direct marketing.

Our Goals:

  • Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost. By optimizing the sales funnel, it is possible to make linear improvements in sales costs which can result in exponential gains in profit.
  • Increase Customer Lifetime Value. By reducing churn and & increasing net spend, customer value increases in concert with organizational value.
  • Focus On Expansion. By identifying new target geographic locations and product lines, revenue growth can occur quickly and efficiently in a digital age.

Acquisition Criteria

Ley Ventures seeks to acquire market leading companies capable of sustaining their success for all stakeholders: management, employees, shareholders, customers, and advisors for generations to come.

Key criteria in evaluating acquisitions include:

Proven Management Team

  • Experienced operators with longterm success who desire a continued equity stake in the company

Predictable Cash Flow

  • Predictable and growing EBITDA

Growth Opportunity

  • Participation in large, stable, and growing markets
  • Opportunity to increase market share via organic growth, marketing, and acquisitions

Market Leadership

  • Dominant market position with sustainable competitive edge
  • Protected niche
  • Sizeable barriers-to-entry